Cycle of opening

Opening Hours



 SEASON                       ANNUAL CYCLE                        DAYS D OPENING                                 OPENING HOURS
                                                                                              TO THE PUBLIC

Bass                    Du 01/01 au 14/03               On tuesday in friday                       13h30-17h30 
Average               Du 15/03 au 14/06             On monday in saturday               8h-12h / 13h30-17h15
High                     Du 15/06 au 14/09                 7 days a week                         8h-12h / 13h30-20h
Average               Du 15/09 au 31/10             On monday in saturday               8h-12h /13h30-17h15
Bass                    Du 01/11 au 31/12               On tuesday in friday                        13h30-17h30